Tantra: The literal definition of tantra is to “expand beyond all limitations”.   


The word Tantra is made up of two verbs meaning:

Tan - "to extend" or "lengthen"

Tra  - "to expand," "to move beyond all limitations"

The most beautiful thing about Tantra Hatha Yoga is that it’s designed for life.  It acknowledges that we are all under the influence of limitations related to birth, society, finances, health, genetic of karma etc. 


As a philosophical system that sees that the world as sacred, it provides the tools, the science, to empower us to overcome these limitations and live our best life. 


The goal of Tantra Hatha Yoga is to thrive, to be embodied, to be both attuned to the sweetness of silence and delights of sound, the hustle and bustle, the ordinary. It’s not about escaping, it’s about being here on Earth, in this body, in this life, facing, creating, and navigating all that comes our way, the so-called good and bad.  


Tantra Hatha Yoga gives us the tools, so that we can be both spiritual and still enjoy and achieve our life's desires.


Tantra Hatha Yoga classes are sequenced with specific asana and pranayama, to target both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, bringing it back to homeostasis.  


For example, forward folds, twist combined with longer exhalations attend to the parasympathetic nervous system, which is also known as the rest and digest of the nervous system.  On the other hand, backbends combined with longer inhalations, engage the sympathetic nervous system, leaving you feeling more energised, strong and more resourceful. 


Through working with the nervous system in this deliberate way, we become more resilient, and better able to meet life's challenges. We becomes stronger, calmer, more grounded, stable and this changes the way we engage with life itself.  

TANTRA - Your guide to living your best life!