Yoga at Lanka

My classes are based on a dynamic style of Hatha Yoga, which joins physical postures, or asana, with inhales and exhales creating an internal rhythm of the practice.  Occasionally I like to introduce a theme for the class, whether it be gratitude, joy, freedom, or breath focus. I find that having a theme helps keep the focus on oneself, away from our busy lives, providing the space for some "me-time". I dedicate myself to providing hands on adjustments, to assist students getting that additional benefit from the postures, or asanas that they might find challenging.  My aim is that by the end of the class, each person will leave feeling well-balanced, aligned and reconnected. 


Yin Yoga at Lanka

Yin Yoga creates space for slowing down and returning to balance. While most asana practice embraces the yan nature of effort and movement, yin yoga embodies the complimenting qualities of softness, stillness, receptivity and inward awareness. In Yin practice, grounded stretches cultivate intuition & encourage surrender, releasing physical and emotional patterns that close us off.

I am offering a 3 class introduction to Yin Yoga in September and October as I believe that Yin Yoga is a great way to complement a Yang practice promoting harmony and balance.