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Guided Meditation

Welcome to my library of mediations.

As a teacher I am often asked if I practice yoga daily.. I do not practice asana every day, but I do commit to meditating daily, even if only for 5 minutes. Over the last few years my practice has moved from a physical practice to the more intense practice of mediation.  My mediation is like a daily gift to myself.  My days are better,  my life is better when I take time to mediate.   

There is a reason why mediation has been practiced for centuries and continues to be an invaluable resource for humanity. Why? Because it works.  

As I continue to dedicate myself to this life transforming practice,  I will update and share my  discoveries with you here. 

These guided meditation are available for download for free, although you are welcome to support with a donation of your choice.

Click on download track and fill in an amount, which can also be CHF 0.00 and gift yourself the power of meditation. 

Flow into Calmness

This an easy and accessible meditation for everyone. In this meditation we direct the mind through the breath, to rest in absolute calmness free from tension and stress.  A short, yet powerful practice. 

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