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Erica is a very dedicated and eager yoga teacher. I really feel like she is taking her students through a journey during her classes. Her instructions are clear, her passion for tantra is infectious and she has great knowledge of asanas and of yoga philosophy, which she happily shares with her students. She uses simple words and techniques to get her students to understand concepts such as bandas, which can sometimes be tricky to understand and feel. Even as a yogi with over 10 years of regular practice myself, it is only with the help of Erica that I could understand how to activate Uddiyana Bandha.  During her classes, I feel like I have a safe space to try new things, to ask questions, to experiment and be playful, but also to totally let go.

Erica's tantra yoga classes are becoming a staple in my weekly routine; Not only do I feel the benefits of the practice in my body, I also enjoy a much clearer mind, days after the practice. To me, the experience provided by Erica during her classes is unique and I feel extremely grateful to have the pleasure to deepen my personal yoga practice and get introduced to tantra from such a passionate teacher.


I've been practicing with Erica since 2018 and couldn't recommend her highly enough. After several major health issues in the last six years, Erica's teaching became an integral part of my healing journey. I always leave class with a calmer mind, feeling more grounded and mentally/physically stronger. Her Tantra-Hatha series in particular has been a revelation – as someone who has never really been able to sit still in 'traditional' meditation and can often get overwhelmed by breathwork, Erica's style has really opened this door for me – in just a short time I felt much more postiviely connected to my breath and body. Not only is she a skilled and knowledgable teacher, she has such a warm and calming energy that it's a pleasure to practice with her. 


I have been introduced to Erica's Tantra Hatha in the middle of a 'when it rains it pours' phase of my life. And let me tell you. Tantra is neither pretty nor sexy, yet it is one of the most powerful practices I have ever come across and has been truly transformational on this journey. It is testimony that anything we seek, is already within.


Thanks to Erica and her encouragement & guidance, I am now able to tap into this forgotten super-power in turbulent and challenging times, in dreamy days where I need grounding, as well as in states of joy and calmness. 


Erica is just an amazing woman- whatever she does, she puts her whole heart into it! I have experienced her deeply rooted in her Tantra practice, always being very intuitive about what each and every class/student needs. All while persistently discovering and connecting many various disciplines, from Yoga and Tantra to Ayurveda and nourishment. Her passion and dedication is remarkable. I trust in her ability to guide- one breath at a time. (big plus for no New Age beating around the bush ;-) ) 


Thank you immensely Erica, you have been instrumental in facilitating all change within me and I would not hesitate to recommend you multi-fold. 


Erica's yoga and teaching style fits perfectly for me. She is present, shows the positions and then helps you with the alignment.

It's a calm environment in which one can focus on themselfs, no distractions, just pure bliss.

I booked a private class with Erica with my parents (both 68).  They loved it too!


Just try it and you will love it


Erica’s classes are always the perfect mix of action and meditation. I walk away feeling a lot calmer, and more grounded. And my muscles are nicely sore the next day! I love it.

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