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In today's society, our lives are so hectic. We're often defined by our job titles, the car we drive, the clothes we wear, or how many “likes” we get on our social media account! 


Do we ever stop to imagine that none of that is important? Do we ever take a moment to ask ourselves “Who am I”?


I started asking myself this question some years ago, and the answer gets more interesting every year, as I continue to work on myself, challenge my comfort zones and learn to trust in the flow of life, the meaningful teachings and the process. 


So, who am I?  


An incorrigible optimist, a dreamer (I believe it all starts with a dream), an enthusiastic yoga teacher, a risk-taker, adventurous traveller, a bundle of energy, self-reflective, passionate about life, a lover of the dance-floor, an occasional adrenaline-junkie, a creative cook and much more…


But even more importantly; who can I become? 


As I continue to weave these teachings into my life, I continue to experience life with more clarity. I become more deeply connected with my own inner teacher and honour my own inner power. I look and crave the chance to share my passion - the teachings. 


I aim to inspire and guide my fellow yogi back to their most powerful selves.


I wish to facilitate change that translates into living a more balanced, fulfilled and joyful life. I believe that some people get there by moving their bodies, relieving physical pain, and others by connecting to something greater than themselves. It's not my place to judge how my fellow yogi gets there, but to hold the space that works for each individual person. 

In doing this, I promise to remain humble and true to myself and my fellow yogi. 

My Studies:

200hrs Hatha Yoga TTC with Sanapurana Yoga & Ayuverda

150hrs Yin Yoga TTC with Josh Summers

50hrs Tantra Hatha Yoga (online)  with The Practice Bali

100hrs Tantra Hatha Yoga with Rod Stryker, ParaYoga. I am currently working towards my 300hrs TTC

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