In today's society, our rushed lives, we're often defined by our job titles, the car we drive, the clothes we wear, how many “likes” we get on our social media account! Do we ever stop to imagine that none of that is important and then take just a moment to ask ourselves “Who am I”?

I started asking myself this question some years ago, the answer gets more interesting every year, as I continue to work on myself, challenge my comfort zone and just simply make the most of every moment.

So, who am I?  An incorrigible optimist, a dreamer (I believe it all start with a dream), an enthusiastic yoga teacher, a risk-taker, adventures traveller, a bundle of energy, self-reflective, passionate about life, a lover of the dance-floor, an occasional adrenaline-junkie, a creative cook and much more…

More importantly: who can I become?  I dream of becoming an inspiring yoga teacher, traveling the world with those I love, using my knowledge of yoga to bring greater harmony between communities.  I also dream of teaching children with the desired hope that they may carry forward the harmony yoga brings as they grow older to their communities and cultures.